Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Velvet

Whenever I make Red Velvet cupcakes I think of Magnolia Bakery in New York City. If any of you have ever had there cupcakes you know what I mean! In our recent trip to NYC I introduced my hubby to the Magnolia Bakery. I made him wait in line for 2o minutes to get our order. The fact that we were doing this was incomprehensible to him. We finally grabbed 2 cupcakes, lattes and took a carriage ride through central park. An "orgasmic experience" as he described it. I promised him I would make them for him when we came back home.

He finally got his wish yesterday. He was more excited than when my daughter got her first dollhouse. Kinda cute actually. He took a bite of the cupcake and paused for a minute. Speechless. No reaction. Thoughts running through my head were - "did I add salt instead of sugar"? Then he finally regained his composure, and said, "all that's missing is a carriage!"

Here's how they turned out...

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