Sunday, May 16, 2010

TD Cupcakes

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! So as you know, last week was a really busy week for me! Thanks to my hubby, I landed a cupcake order for a quarterly meeting at TD for 125 cupcakes! The order was for just plain cupcakes, but I went the extra mile and added little TD flags to half of the cupcakes. Everything was going great, my hubby was helping out with the cupcakes. We finished the last box and went to put it in the fridge at about 11pm. I was making room in the fridge and Nikhil (my hubby) was standing behind me with the box over my head....well i'm sure you can imagine what happened next! I got up and hit the box and it ended up on the floor upside down!! After crying for about 10 minutes I got myself together and finally opened the box - again I started crying after seeing the disaster! Anyway, I had made some extra cupcakes that day so ended up using those to finish the order...but it was a long night! Here's how they turned out...

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