Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tiramisu Cupcakes

Hi Everyone,

Since next week is my birthday i've decided to make my second (first being red velvet) most favorite flavor of cupcakes - Tiramisu!

I made these cupcakes a few weeks ago for a friends birthday and they were a huge hit! What's special about these is that they are 'injected' with expresso coffee and the buttercream is a made from marscapone cheese.

Let me know by Wed May 19 if you would like a box. 2 for $5 or 6 for $12.
Also please note the spring promotion will end on May 28, after which cupcakes will go back to regular price. Ie. specialty cupcakes like red velvet, tiramisu, carrot cake etc will be 6 for $15 and plain cupcakes like chocolate and vanilla will remain at 6 for $12.
contact me at or 647-261-4155
crazy cupcake lady

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